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Trials of Arden: Shadow of the Darkwood Cover

The Trials of Arden:
Shadow of the Darkwood

Heir to his father’s throne, Arden has always lived a sheltered and protected life until one day he and his best friend Taril sneak away to seek out the lost city of Talindor.

Escaping the watchful eyes of their protectors, they use the city’s secret tunnels to reach the fields beyond the great walls of Tyare.  They make their way to Verin Forest where the ruins of Talindor are said to be, but grave danger lurks in the Darkwood.

Children are going missing, and the cause of the disappearances may lie deep in the forest.  Ancient evil waits in the heart of the darkwood, but there is more to Arden than meets the eye.

The Trials of Arden: Shadow of the Darkwood is now available from this website or from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The ebook is also available from Chapters Indigo.

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Black Lake:
The Beasts of Warunta

In 2016, four members of the Green Revolution Alliance, or GRA, a non-profit dedicated to nature conservation, travelled to Central America to make a documentary film about the logging operations of Westport Logging Co., a division of Transworld Global Industries. Five weeks later, an envelope containing a letter and a flash drive arrives on the desk of Abner Eisenberg, head of the Black Lake Institute.

The team is missing and presumed dead. The only trace – a torn, and blood-stained backpack – has been found in a clearing fifteen miles from their camp site. In the pack was a video camera.

Black Lake: The Beasts of Warunta is the first novel in the Black Lake series and is expected to be completed and ready for release in time for Christmas 2019.

Set for Release: December 2019.

The Trials of Arden:
The Gathering Twilight

Arden's adventure continues in this planned follow-up to Shadow of the Darkwood.

The tale resumes three weeks later, introducing new characters and one of the central conflicts of the series, and readers will learn more about Arden's origins.  While Arden enjoys his respite in Annendin, the lands south of Bethalas are aflame as an unknown force is moving steadily north towards the Ardent Kingdom.

Well underway, The Gathering Twighlight will be completed later this year.

Anticipated Release Date: January 2020.