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Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting my website!  It has taken forever to get here, but my first book is finally finished, and available online.  It has been really cool how much interest there has been since I announced this a year ago!  A BIG thank you goes out to everyone who sent their well-wishes.

I see this website as being the central hub where family and friends (readers) can find information about upcoming projects, and any events that might be coming up.  I’ll be active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. as well – but I’m aiming to make this site the place to come for info.  I'm also planning to have a section that will give access to additional content – maps, more about the characters, and some other cool things that will add some depth and insight into the story.  I’ll keep everybody posted.

I don’t expect to make the New York Times best sellers list anytime soon – this has been a labour of love more than a pursuit of fame or fortune – but it means a great deal to me that I get to share this story with you and that you’ve taken the time to check out the website, so thanks again.

Your biggest fan,

Andrew Alexander Miller


Andrew Alexander Miller was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended elementary and high school.  His first foray into writing was followed up with a ninth-grade writing project – a short story about pirates and the lost continent of Atlantis.  He would write several additional short stories before beginning his most ambitious project, a fantasy epic.

The background and drafts would take years to write; The Trials of Arden: Shadow of the Darkwood is first in the series.  He is currently working on the next installment of TOA as well as a screen play for a television mini-series.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys coaching football and basketball, and cooking.